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Leaders in the Michigan Cannabis Real Estate Industry

About Cannabis Property Brokers

We’re raised the bar for Michigan’s marijuana commercial real estate agencies.

Our brokers are composed of accomplished commercial cannabis real estate professionals. Our founders started as growers and processors. They experienced the roadblocks navigating the bureaucracy of the legal cannabis industry in Michigan so you don’t have to.

Our team has consulted, planned, and developed commercial marijuana facilities throughout the state of Michigan. From local zoning to obtaining a license, we know what it takes to gain municipal and state approval.

About Cannabis Property Brokers.


What It Means to Work With Cannabis Property Brokers

  • We’ve invested millions of dollars in our properties & licenses to provide our clients with access to low-cost lease & sale opportunities
  • Our properties are 100% municipally approved for all 5 state cannabis license categories, expediting your speed to market
  • Available properties range from vacant land & business parks to already existing facilities, providing diversified solutions for any market strategy
  • We can also provide access to our wide range of industry resources such as legal assistance, construction/development contracting services & operational planning.
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