Oakland Business Park for Cannabis Manufacturing

Orion Cannabis Business Park is the largest commercial Oakland County cannabis warehouse.

A Commercial Warehouse For Class C Growers, Marijuana Safety Compliance, Cannabis Processing, Secure Hemp Transporters.

Multi-unit warehouse with each unit up to 20,000 sq. ft. Start your MMJ business the right way with a custom buildout. Triple Net Leases starting under $15,000 per month. The facility features 24/7 security and is municipally approved & permitted for big scale marijuana growers, safety and compliance, transporters, and processors. The Metro Detroit commercial cannabis business park warehouse is located in Orion Township, Oakland County, MI.

Oakland Business Park

A cost-efficient indoor cannabis manufacturing facility

OBP comes complete with on-site testing, transportation, and secure facilities to create a cost-efficient and safe environment for marijuana manufacturers. The buildings in Orion Cannabis Park were designed from the ground up to be marijuana manufacturing facilities; they and are not re-purposed buildings. Given the sheer size of the development, cannabis growers will benefit from reduced group rates for security services, as well as discounted rates from an on-site secure transporter, a processing center, and a testing laboratory.

Efficient Cannabis Manufacturing
Expedited Michigan Cannabis Permits

Manufacturing permits and expedited local approvals

Tenants in at the facility will be provided with a standardized permit application template, which OBP will submit to procure your municipal permit. This will save you months of effort and thousands of dollars.

A Cannabis Business Park designed to maximize profits.

All aspects of the business park are designed to maximize tenants efficiency and profitability. The size of the development enables tenants to negotiate significant group discounts for supplies, transporter services, processing services, and lab testing. These factors will allow tenants to maximize profit and minimize out of pocket costs.

Multiple Lease Choices

You can use our professional interior buildout floorplans or customize the space based on your business needs. There are grower, processing, transportation, and safety compliance municipal permits available for the subsequent lease options. Each unit has a separate man door and bay door entrance.

6,666 ft2

$14,000 / Month

13,333 ft2

$28,000 / Month

20,000 ft2

$39,000 / Month

*All listed monthly lease rates listed are triple net. Rates subject to change, contact CPB for availability.


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