The Michigan cannabis industry is growing every day, and you may have ideas about how you can get into this market. An important step is to find the best place to start your business, and you should work with a cannabis real estate agent who can help you find the property or building that will work best for your business.

You can start a company that grows, transports, processes’, tests, or sells recreational marijuana. The state of Michigan has responded to the growth of the Cannabis industry by establishing a new regulatory commission that is going to control much of what is done. You must keep legislation in mind as you plan your business model.hat is done. You must keep legislation in mind as you plan your business model.

How To Find The Right Piece Of Land For Your Company

Growers should work with a commercial cannabis real estate agent or broker who will find land that is zoned for the growth and cultivation of marijuana. This is a big part of launching your Michigan marijuana grow operation; you do not want to fight with a zoning board after you have bought the land. Your agent will find communities that are open to the idea of growing marijuana or opening a cannabis business.

Commercial Cannabis Real Estate Agent

Where Might You Start Your Company

Some cities in Michigan have voted to keep marijuana companies out while others have not yet voted. Ask your agent to search for towns that would be open to working with you. In fact, the tight agent and legal team can get the zoning for your property passed before you buy it.

Ann Arbor has been progressive because already have a licensed recreational marijuana shop. The outskirts of this college town might be a good place to start a marijuana provisioning center. You could start a provisioning center in a building that your agent found for you and later expand into growing and cultivation as your company grows.

What Sort of Company Do You Want To Manage

One of the best parts of the cannabis industry is that you can work in several different parts of the industry if you are not growing. Yes, you need a property that is zoned for growing if you plan to cultivate the plants, but you might start other companies that support the cannabis industry such as transportation, processing, testing and compliance, or a retail marijuana provisioning center.

You could start a logistics company that transports cannabis plants and products for clients. You might open a shop that sells recreational cannabis products or start a company that helps with marketing in the industry. You can also opt to run your business from a traditional office if you are not selling, processing, testing, or cultivating the products; you can avoid the zoning requirements and still be a part of the industry. Plus, you can expand into commercial cannabis operation in the future when the time is right.

Why Do You Need To Work With A Real Estate Agent

Cannabis Property Brokers Real Estate Agents and Brokers know which properties are zoned for cultivation, how to work with the local zoning board, and what you need to do if you would like to apply for a change in the zoning of the property. If you are trying to navigate these zoning issues on your own, you might buy a property that will never be zoned properly. Our agents have an ethical duty to help you find the appropriate piece of land, and that is why you should hire us before you start looking at land.

How Much Growing Space Exists In Michigan

You might not realize how big Michigan is because it is broken up into two pieces. The Upper Peninsula is mostly farmland, and everything aside from Detroit and major metro areas such as Grand Rapids and Lansing on the mainland is farmland. You will run across more liberal college towns like Ann Arbor or East Lansing, and you might find small towns that have not yet decided how they will handle marijuana businesses.

Because of this, you need to make sure that you work with us to find the piece of cannabis property that works for you. If you are open to moving anywhere in the state you will have more properties to compare.


When you are ready to move to Michigan and open up your cannabis business, contact us and we will let you know which properties are zoned for your business purposes. Our real estate agents will research each property and will let you know if you can work with the local community to zone your property for marijuana businesses.

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