When it comes to hemp oil, it can pertain to a full-spectrum oil from the plant Cannabis sativa. On another note, it may also refer to hemp seed oil, which is basically oil that is derived from the seeds of the hemp plant. Nevertheless, consumers are still confused as to the differences between hemp and marijuana.

In this article, we will not only talk about the differences between the two, but we will also talk about their benefits and uses.

Truly, the demand for Cannabidiol (CBD) continues to rise. Anyone can tell that this industry has skyrocketed and has evolved into an independent market. While it is closely related to the Cannabis industry, there are certain differences to note when it comes to the uses of hemp and marijuana.

Differentiating Hemp and Marijuana

Before we proceed to identify the benefits and uses of hemp and marijuana, let us try to distinguish each of its unique features.

Cannabis is a type of flowering plant from the Cannabaceae family. This features three species, which are the Cannabis ruderalis, Cannabis indica, and the Cannabis sativa. Note that both hemp and marijuana are classified under Cannabis.

Hemp is described as a non-intoxicating Cannabis. Its benefits range from medical use to the production of industrial textiles. In fact, hemp is regarded as the strongest natural fiber in the entire planet.

On another note, hemp is regarded as a variety of Cannabis that contains 0.3% or less of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content, whereas marijuana contains more than 0.3%. Thus, marijuana is known to induce the user with euphoric and psychotropic effects.

Hemp and Marijuana: What Are Their Uses and Benefits?

Hemp Oil Uses

As explained, hemp seed oils come from the Cannabis sativa plant. With this, you’ll be able to resolve certain health issues like inflammation. Nevertheless, you can also use hemp oil for skin health, brain health, heart health, and more.

Keeps your skin healthy

A 2014 study shows that hemp seed oil has the ability to provide your skin with vitamins and acids that are necessary to keep them looking young and healthy. Furthermore, this will prevent the user from breaking out and developing acne.

Since it contains an abundance of fatty acids, it possesses the ability to nourish the skin like no other. It strengthens and protects the skin from possible infection. Some of the skin issues that hemp seed oil may treat include dermatitis, eczema, varicose eczema, acne rosacea, and psoriasis.

Protects your brain from inflammation

According to the most recent scientific study using mice as subjects, hemp seed oil possesses the ability to protect the brain against any cases of inflammation. The reason for this is that hemp contains active compounds that are responsible for protecting the brain.

Reduces the risk of heart issues

The nutritional profile of hemp shows that it has a positive effect on various heart health issues. Consumption of hemp has been shown to aid in health conditions, such as high cholesterol levels, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, and blood pressure.

Acts as a natural pain reliever

One of the most common uses of the hemp seed oil is in the form of natural pain relief, especially if it is the result of inflammation. There have been numerous studies supporting this health claim that hemp features compounds that are able to treat numerous kinds of pain in the body.

Relieves muscle tension

Hemp seed oil can also help with the tension in the muscles. Much like fatty acids, this also has an anti-inflammatory effect on the user. Thus, the consumption of hemp actually aids in a person’s recovery period.

Marijuana Uses

Now that we have discussed the uses of hemp seed oil, let us proceed to discuss the many marijuana uses. If there is one thing to take note of regarding marijuana is that it is an herb. It contains chemicals that may affect the central nervous system, which is why it can only be obtained through a prescription.

Nevertheless, marijuana also possesses a variety of health benefits like hemp. Here are some of them:

Treats appetite loss

Marijuana is known for treating appetite or weight loss in patients. Since lack of appetite is a symptom of poor health, marijuana is better able to help a patient with this condition due to the fact that it contains appetite-promoting hormones, which are used to stimulate the cell’s mitochondria, which results in the body’s demand for food.

Helps people breathe easier

There are a number of studies concerning the ability of marijuana to treat asthma. Marijuana is said to have bronchodilatory properties, which are necessary to help people with their breathing.

Can aid in muscle spasms

There is strong evidence that marijuana can help with an individual’s muscle spasms, most of which are actually related to multiple sclerosis. There are also studies that show how other types of muscle spasms are greatly reduced after consuming marijuana.

In addition, medical professionals have advised their patients to use marijuana for the purpose of treating diaphragm spasms, which are considered as untreatable by prescribed medications.

Improves lung capacity

Contrary to what most people believe, marijuana actually possesses the ability to improve an individual’s lung capacity. Over the past years, studies have found out that smoking marijuana does not harm the lungs.

Scientists and researchers have also claimed that the reason for this is not because of any therapeutic chemicals found in marijuana, but the process of taking deep breaths when inhaling the drug.

Controls epileptic seizures

It’s interesting to say that researchers have found how this drug can help people with treatment-resistant epilepsy. Those that have consumed this drug reported that they are better able to control their seizures, especially in children. Even though scientists are still looking for reasons as to why this is possible, the ability of this drug to control epileptic seizures is indeed present.

Final Thoughts

As of today, more and more states like Michigan are passing laws that allow people to produce and consume medical marijuana. Furthermore, doctors and medical practitioners have also prescribed their patients these drugs to treat a wide array of conditions.

With scientific research to back up these claims, both hemp and marijuana can truly help patients with all sorts of medical conditions.  If you are considering entering the Michigan commercial marijuana industry contact us, we’ve done all the homework to ensure a quick launch for your start-up.

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