Lansing’s Marijuana Legislative Body

Are you looking for a location where you can use it for marijuana usage in business? If so, we may able to assist you. Real estate services specializing in cannabis are necessary because this is an industry unlike any other out there. You need to acquire specific things to make sure that your business is considered legitimate. When you go through us for real estate services, we cover a variety of things from:

  • Marketing
  • Getting tenants and buyers
  • Closing the table

We cover the entire process. In addition, we try to make the transaction as smooth and free-flowing as possible. We don’t want you to experience any problems. You can set this up with one of our agents quickly and easily.

Tricky and Complex Laws

Cannabis is a newly emerging industry, and anyone who has thought to go into business for it has found the laws quite tricky. You have to acquaint yourself with hundreds and hundreds of pages of zoning maps and ordinances. We do this because we care. Our business is to make things as simple as possible. Our team of dedicated staff spends the entire day looking at municipality changes and looking at the most up-to-date information. We help you to look through the maze of complex and tricky laws so that you can focus more on your vision. Our company sees a blank canvas and endless possibilities.

Landing's Marijuana Legislative Body

Finding Properties That Become a Foundation<.h2>

When we set out to help entrepreneurs, we seek out properties that will become an invaluable source of strength. This will provide you with the foundation for your future business. Some of the services that we provide to our customers include:

  • Leasing and acquisition
  • Facility management
  • Re-zoning
  • Master site planning
  • Permitting services
  • Sale-leaseback
  • Going Big

We have seen investors buy entire warehouses for cannabis. Typically, this will be 30,000 square feet with 20-foot ceilings or higher. It takes an entrepreneur with real vision to make this decision. This becomes the ideal choice for someone who wants to divide their property into multiple sections. You might have different entrances, and you could lease the property to different individuals.

Great Addition to the Portfolio

One of the fastest and most popular industries, marijuana has become a boon for investors and established real estate investors. Adding something like this to your portfolio can be an incredible way to see optimal growth in your portfolio. When everything else grows at an average rate of eight to 10 percent every year, the marijuana industry is far excelling that pace. You can make tons of cash in this field if you know what you’re doing.

Dealing with Unique Challenges

The marijuana industry has a set of its own unique challenges that you don’t see as much in the other industries. For example, this is an environment that has been highly regulated, and while they have made marijuana legal in 11 states, you still have to keep up with the unique set of challenges that this industry poses. We have the ability to do that, and we can help to make it easier for you to do. This is a complex regulatory environment, and you want to make sure that you get it right.

Some of the things that our team of professionals pays close attention to include:

    • Zoning regulations
    • Neighborhood analysis like buffer zones and distance requirements
    • Conducting a property analysis for HVAC, electrical capacity and security and investment potential

When we help customers, we look at everything involved in the case. We want to do whatever we can to make things a little easier for you. Cannabis has become one of the fastest-growing communities around.

What are some of the Businesses That We Service

In learning of the businesses that we service, you can figure out for yourself if we will be the right choice for you. We service dispensary locations, transportation, cultivation, laboratories and extraction and processing. As a business, we love working with you.

Why People Choose to Go through Us

You have a couple of different reasons that people have chosen us as some of the industry experts when it comes to marijuana real estate. Here are some of the reasons that people choose us over competitors:

Experts with deep knowledge of the subject.
We deeply understand the laws and regulations of real estate for marijuana.
Hard-working experts who have your best interests at heart.
An industry leader in helping with marijuana

Michigan became the 10th state in the United States to legalize marijuana for recreational consumption. An industry has popped up ever since that has led to a lot of people making money.

You Need Experts on Your Side

The one thing that you can’t underestimate is the value of a good expert on your side. You want someone who has the unique qualifications to tackle this because marijuana has some complex regulatory and operational functions that need someone experienced to help with it. Regular companies have contacted us on a regular basis for different needs like investment advice, business valuations, ordinance reviews and opinion reports. All of this can make a big difference.

Empowering individuals to achieve their vision has always been a part of what we’re about. We want people to be able to understand how the different laws and aspects work so that they can have a safe investment with their marijuana. The properties that we can help you to find will become your future. You want to choose the right place because this can make or break your business. Property equals opportunity, and you can find your opportunity today through our company. We would love to work with you in helping to make your dreams a reality.

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