Different Cannabis Licenses You Need To Acquire To Work In This Industry

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Medical Marijuana has been going through the process of legalization across the world, and the United States is no stranger to this phenomenon. As it stands, twenty-nine states in the country have passed a law that makes medical marijuana legal. Currently, there are only nine states in which recreational marijuana is legal, but this number is set to increase this year.

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The legalization of marijuana has not only given individuals an alternative remedy to various disorders but has also led to the boom of several industries. Cannabis has become one of the world’s most profitable cash crops and is something that has opened up incredible avenues for business owners. People all over the country are already capitalizing on the opportunities created as a result of this new phenomenon, and more and more are catching on to be a part of this new trade influx.

The Green Businesses In Michigan

Ever since the first vote of legalizing cannabis was passed in Michigan, the state has become a hotspot for those looking to enter into the business. The potential for those looking to profit from this spans over a variety of different kinds of services, all which contribute to the supply of marijuana to the registered clinics. The legalization of recreational marijuana in the State of Michigan has also increased the opportunities for those who plan to start out in this business.

Because of the wide scale of this industry, there are several professions that have been emerging in relation to this business. Different professions require varied amounts of expertise, and individuals in these positions generally need to have certain qualifications to handle the crops and process them properly. The opportunities for those who are looking to get into this business revolve around:

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1.Marijuana Growers

One of the most significant opportunities within this sector lies in the field of marijuana cultivation. Those who are looking to grow marijuana have to be in possession of the right kind of license and need to abide by strict regulations when cultivating this kind of cash crop.

2. Marijuana Sellers

Marijuana Sellers generally work in collaboration with growers, often having on facility growers working along with them. Sellers must first be authorized by the state government and must have a license to be able to legally sell marijuana. There are numerous strict guidelines to ensure that sellers are staying within the legal limits of their sales, and any violation results in strict revocation of the license.

3. Marijuana Safety And Compliance Facilities

Because of the product being regulated, testing marijuana before it is given to the clinics is essential. Marijuana processing facilities have been emerging all over the state and ensure that the marijuana being sold is in keeping with the highest quality standards.

4. Marijuana Transporters

Marijuana farms are generally located away from the clinic where it is being sold, which means that there is a certain amount of transportation involved. To ensure the secure transportation of marijuana, the state government imposed a law stating that all transporters need to have a valid license and need to follow strict guidelines when carrying around the crops to the processing units and clinics.

Getting A Michigan Commercial Cannabis License

For those who are looking to enter into the marijuana business, getting the right kind of license is essential.

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Conducting any kind of business activity when not in possession of a license could result in action being taken, and charges being pressed. However, these are easily avoided if the right kind of license is acquired before the commencement of any business activity. As prescribed by the state, there are three main types of licenses that are given to individuals, each pertaining to a different aspect of the business. As all licenses, these are non-transferable and bound to the individual who possesses them. There is also a fixed time frame dictating the validity of the license that the individual must abide by.

The three main types of licenses are:

Class A

A Class A license is a validation given to an individual who is looking to grow crops on an area that has been certified by the government, and which allows the growth of cash crops like marijuana. This license puts a restriction on the number of plants that can be grown at a time. An individual in possession of this can only grow up to five hundred plants at a time on a specific property. Because of all that this license entails, it is generally the choice for those that are looking to set up small local businesses and want to take a shot at this booming industry.

Class B

A Class B License is the second kind of validation given to those who are looking to grow marijuana and is the one that is usually opted for by those who want to start businesses. The details of this license allow the individual to grow up to one thousand plants at a time. Because of the increased number, this is usually what mid-tier businesses try to acquire when trying to keep up with the high demand for their products. Many individuals who are just starting out in this field and have a significant amount of capital to work with generally try to acquire this kind of license before commencing their work in their new profession.

Class C

Class C License is the one that the biggest marijuana cultivators and farmers tend to go in for. This license allows the user to grow one thousand five hundred plants at a time, which is considered to be a considerable amount of yield. Businesses that stand as the big names in this business generally opt for this license because of the adequate limit that is received along with it. This is, however, one of the hardest licenses to acquire since there is an incredibly strict procedure that has to be followed for this. Professionals who are just starting out in this business also sometimes opt to go in for this kind of license if they feel like they will need the increased limit in the near future.

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